Spying on Website Visitor Habits After GDPR

Spying on Website Visitor Habits After

12 July 2018

Since the GDPR, it has been
hard to offer webmasters an insight into how their website
visitors are using their websites. Most third party
analytical services like Google Analytics and Facebook
Pixel, are not truly compliant with the GDPR. The GDPR
requires the express consent of the visitor if you are
either storing tracking cookies on their computer or sharing
their visiting habits with yet another company which can
track users across a broad range of other websites.

commonly, on premise website statistics tools used by web
hosting providers are also not compliant with the GDPR.
These tools often record and present information such as
“IP Address”, which is now deemed personal information
by the GDPR. This information needs the consent of the
visitor to be used in the long term.

Website World now
offers web masters live visitor traffic data that is
compliant with the GDPR, while providing fantastic insight
into visitors’ habits.

Webmasters Can See the
Names of Their Visitors and Where They Came

If the customer is known to the merchant,
such as via a login, making a purchase, making an enquiry,
or following a link from a newsletter, then the webmaster
can see the visitor traffic associated with the customer’s
name. Privacy disclaimers should be made on any form where a
web master receives a customer’s personal

If the name of the visitor is unknown, the
webmaster can still see what country or region the visitor
is from.

Webmasters can track from which website a visitor
arrived from. This allows the webmaster to monitor the
success of advertising, and see which backlinks are working
the best.

Webmasters can track what keywords customers
have searched for on their websites. This helps webmasters
identify new products they might need to source or identify
navigational issues to help customers find the categories or
information they seek more easily.

How is Website
World Visitor Tracking GDPR Compliant?

world uses only a temporary session ID provided by the
browser. This session ID is reset every time a user closes
their browser or restarts their computer and cannot be
tracked against other websites. The visitor’s IP address
is tracked only for one week, just long enough so that this
information might be provided to an approved government
agency in the case of fraud. After a week, the visitor’s
confidential traffic data is deleted. Under the GDPR,
personal information may only be kept if it serves a
legitimate purpose.

As the Website World live visitor
tracking does not use any third party services, it is also
extremely fast. Other tracking services often add 100ms or
more to the time it takes to display a website

The live visitor traffic data collected from
visitors and provided to webmasters using the Website World
CMS includes:

• date and time of visitor

• URL of the landing page they
arrived at

• URL of the referring website

• additional pages also viewed

web browser or mobile device used

• length
of time present on the site

• country of

• search keywords

to Webmasters in Using Live Visitor Traffic

Website traffic data provides multiple
benefits to webmasters in the management of their site.
These include:

• analysis of advertising
campaign success

• visitor targeting by

• identification of top referral
sites and improved backlinking abilities

personal time management

• bounce rate

• monitor social media

• identification of drop off

• analysis of length of visitor stay
on site

• improving navigation

identifying new products to sell

Website World plans to
expand their internal live visitor analytics, to help
webmasters measure and adjust their SEO tags in a single
integrated user interface, allowing sales funnel
measurement. Please view our article on Using Your Website’s Live Visitor Traffic
Information to Your Advantage
for more details on both
the data provided and the use of this data.



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